Teraform Ltd are addressing the climate crisis by creating new UK woodlands and giving it back to the people

Teraform Ltd launches their climate crisis initiative by creating new UK woodlands and giving their supporters lifetime access to those woodlands for them to enjoy.

Giving a tangible, physical location where supporters can see, visit and walk around the woodlands they have helped to fund is different from most tree planting organisations who primarily plant trees oversees.

The purpose is to combat the climate crises by sequestering CO2, restoring UK woodlands, but also creating forests and natural habitats for future generations to enjoy. Every £1 reforests one square foot of land with native trees on UK soil.

Once a reforestation project is completed, a What3Words reference is provided to the supporter so they can identify exactly where they have had a tangible impact in fighting climate change. Supporters are allowed unfettered lifetime access to enter and roam the entire woodland where their What3Words reference is located.

Anyone can become a supporter by making a single donation of as little as £1, but they can also choose to support Teraform’s UK reforestation projects by subscribing to one of four monthly subscription plans.

Monthly plans start at just £1 through to the ‘Family Plan’ for £20 a month, where Teraform will reforest enough land to offset the UK average family CO2 emissions.

Businesses can also help support UK tree planting efforts, either through donations, sponsorship of a public or private forest or by offering employees rewards programmes for offsetting. It is an excellent way for companies of any size to proactively do something to address the climate crisis, no matter how small that support is, collectively it will make a difference.

Joe Middleditch, Founder & Director of Teraform Ltd, explains:

“Our ethos is ‘Planet before Profit’, creating a sustainable greener future for all to enjoy whilst addressing the climate crises by sequestering CO2. We have created a business that is in harmony with our planet and one which operates within our ecological means.

“This summer, hundreds of thousands of hectares across the globe have burnt, destroying habitats, releasing immeasurable amounts of CO2, and those forests have lost their ability to further absorb CO2, so it is imperative we plant millions of trees just to get us back to where we were at the beginning of the year. Planting trees is the single biggest tool we have for removing CO2 and reversing climate change.

“Climate change and the issue of CO2 is the crisis of our time. Reforestation and creation of new woodlands is a key pillar in addressing this threat. Anyone and everyone can make a real impact, if we do nothing it may just cost us everything.”

The UK has forest cover of 13.2%, of which roughly half is non-native mono-culture commercial conifer plantations. Out of the UK’s native woodlands just 7% are in good ecological condition [source – The Woodland Trust].

About Teraform Ltd. – Founded in June 2020 by Joe Middleditch, Teraform are a young climate conscious reforestation company registered in England, reg no. 12677355 whose primary aims are to increase forest cover within the United Kingdom. Central to this is to create new woodlands and habitats for wildlife, birds, insects and pollinators so that the UK’s natural environment and ecological security are maintained, also by enabling ordinary individuals to contribute towards offsetting their carbon footprint and reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Teraform are funded mainly through donations, subscribers and grants. Acting in a similar way to a non-profit company, Teraform have a strict ‘Planet before Profit’ ethos, excess profits are used to support other sustainable initiatives which help reduce the impact of humanity on the planet.

For further information visit https://www.teraform.uk

Source: Pressat