Earth Cubs launch new Great Barrier Reef Environment!

Earth Cubs have launched the Great Barrier Reef environment in their planet-saving kids app. A guilt-free, teacher-approved app for 3-7 year olds. This is in addition to the Amazon Rainforest, City of London and Arctic environments already available.Let Otto the Octopus be your guide and discover the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef. Meet his crazy friends like Polly Puffafish and the Jazzy Jellyfish. Lots of creative puzzles, videos and fun games. All designed to teach kids about the environment and sustainability.

To support the edutainment in the app Earth Cubs have created extensive free teaching packs and making projects focused on the challenges facing the Great Barrier Reef. These have been developed to help teachers, schools and parents to engage children in learning about our planet and encourage them to get out into nature. From outside large-scale art to mini raft making; there is something for everyone!

Earth Cubs aims to unify parents, schools and organisations to inspire kids and support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

You can download the Earth Cubs app for FREE in app stores today.

About Earth Cubs

Earth Cubs was born from a desire to make planet saving exciting, entertaining and achievable. Rewarding children for learning and spending time with nature, and providing a simple way to support some of the most important environmental and humanitarian causes in the world.

Earth Cubs is fully aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and is bringing the goals to life through their wonderfully vibrant and hilarious world. Earth Cubs is on a BCorp journey and committed to giving 20% of future profit (from brand licensing, publishing) to charity.

Through puzzles, funny videos and unique characters, Earth Cubs instills a deep-rooted love and understanding of nature and the world. A free educational app and accessible educational content links positive actions to real world change.

Earth Cubs is being used in over 2,000 schools worldwide and has had over 105,000 app downloads. Most importantly of all, reaching thousands of kids!


Source: Pressat