World Green Building Council Director And Panel To Discuss The Post COP26 Roadmap

Victoria Kate Burrows, Advancing Net Zero Director of The World Green Building Council will be the main guest of a virtual event created by Constructive Voices to explore the roadmap ahead for the built environment sectors post COP26.

The Post Cop26 Roadmap For The Built Environment Sectors will take place on the 24th of November, from 10 am until 12 noon GMT. Victoria Kate Burrows will be interviewed by Sunday Times freelance journalist, Henry McDonald. The session will then open up in a Question Time-style to a panel of prestigious experts. Each expert will ask Victoria a question specific to their own niche.

For example, Claire Wansbury’s question:

We are living in a time of global emergencies of climate change and biodiversity loss. They are intertwined – if we try to solve one we will fail if we ignore the other. The path to carbon net-zero is an essential one to follow, but it is just one part of the wider action needed to respond to climate and biodiversity emergencies. In particular, what is happening around us, through human actions is a mass extinction event- at to global level our planet hasn’t experienced this level of species loss since the extinction of the dinosaurs.So we need to move quickly into a phase where we aren’t just reducing harm to Here are the panel of experts: nature but of its restoration. How can those working in the built environment make a positive contribution?

The Post Cop26 Roadmap For The Built Environment Sectors will be opened by Neal Maxwell, the creator of Changing Streams, who has made the transition that many of us need to!

The Post Cop26 Roadmap For The Built Environment Sectors will launch a series of events that will drill down into the various topics that are urgent for the changes that we need to make
in the industry. Some of our panellists and other notable experts will lead events in 2022.This is an invite-only event with a limited number of spaces available – apply to to see if there are still some virtual seats for you.

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