HomeBiogas Launches The Booster Kit In The UK: Turning Waste To Energy In Cold Climate

HomeBiogas launches in the United Kingdom with a revolutionary Booster Kit, designed to maximize Homebiogas system’s biogas production in cold climates, all year round. HomeBiogas systems turn organic waste into gas for cooking and Bio-fertilizer, on-site. Over 30,000 systems have been sold in over 100 countries, and as of today, the HomeBiogas system is available in the UK as well. Now, the Booster Kit keeps the temperature in the HomeBiogas system ideal for the production of biogas all year round, even in the UK’s colder climates.

Temperature is one of the most critical parameters for biogas production. The change in seasons and temperatures can impact the efficacy of biogas systems and the amount of biogas produced. The newly launched Booster Kit ensures the system is not affected by external weather conditions, and maintains the optimal temperature, in the most energy-efficient way, at all times.

The Booster Kit was designed with UK weather in mind, following the Food Waste Action Week that took place on March 6-12, 2023 calling for action as 4.5 million tonnes of food is thrown away each year by UK households. HomeBiogas has been helping households and businesses in over 100 countries around the world to minimize food waste, now available in the UK as well.

HomeBiogas systems provide a dual benefit of reducing carbon emissions. Firstly, they capture methane emissions from food waste that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere when dumped in landfills. Secondly, they produce cooking gas that not only offers a safe and healthy alternative to natural gas, a fossil fuel known for emitting significant amounts of carbon dioxide when burned, but also reduces the dependency on non-renewable energy sources.

In addition to the production of biogas, the HomeBiogas system produces organic Bio-fertilizer which can be used for gardening. The Bio-fertilizer has been found to create a 200% increase in the amount of the macronutrients in the soil and a well-balanced level of the micronutrients and organic matter.

The Booster Kit includes:

  • HomeBiogas 2 – A compact and easy-to-use biogas system
  • Thermo Regulator – Energy-efficient self-regulating heating cable, and a thermostat with auto shutoff connected to a control box to maintain the optimal temperature at all times.
  • Thermo Shield: A protective barrier between the HomeBiogas system and the environment.
  • Ground Cover: PP woven sheet layer to help prevent plant growth around the system .
  • Ground Insulation: An additional HDPE layer that prevents heat loss through the ground.

Made from lightweight, durable materials, the Booster Kit stabilizes the system’s temperature, creating a more resilient, productive, and durable environment.


Oshik Efrati, CEO of HomeBiogas: ”HomeBiogas is sold in over 100 countries around the world, while some of them suffer from cold climates, especially in the winter months. Now, for the first time, the HomeBiogas system will be able to produce biogas all year long in the UK, with no dependency on external factors such as the weather. This is a very big step for people wanting to help the earth by upcycling their food waste, lowering their carbon footprint and creating renewable energy everywhere around the world, in any climate.”


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