Much is happening at Frog Pond Wood Nature Reserve, with it becoming a hedgehog rehabilitation release site, extending its boundaries as a nature reserve, as well as providing an outdoor learning environment for Little Acorns, a local nursery.

On Friday 5 May, children in the Little Acorns nursery learned more about the council’s partnership with Glamorgan Hedgehog Rescue, which has allowed the reserve to become a release site for rescued hedgehogs.

The rescue treats over 200 poorly and injured hedgehogs every year, with many of them unable to be returned to the original site where they were found, for a variety of reasons. This means that suitable, carefully assessed release sites must be secured.

Nature reserves are assessed according to the quality, variety, size and safety of the habitats that they offer. Before any hedgehogs are released, they will be deemed as free of disease, fit and healthy.

The partnership between the council and the Glamorgan Hedgehog Rescue, forms part of the Cwm Taf Nature Network (CTNN) Project. This is an initiative funded by Welsh Government as part of the ENRaW scheme – ‘Enabling Natural Resources & Wellbeing’.

A spokesperson for Glamorgan Hedgehog Rescue, said: “We are very pleased to have been invited by Little Acorns Nursery today and to be working with the children to develop an understanding of hedgehogs, and wildlife in general. We had a lovely morning and were able to site another hedgehog nest box in their nature area. Thank you to Cwm Taf Nature Network and to Huw David OBE, Leader of Council, as well as Councillor Mike Kearn and Councillor Spanswick for their support.”

Cllr John Spanswick, Cabinet Member for Communities, said: “We are fortunate that our Frog Pond Wood Nature Reserve can facilitate such worthy work.

“It seems that the nature reserve not only accommodates the needs of the Glamorgan Hedgehog Rescue, but is also developing its role within the community through the learning projects happening here – supported by funding from the CTNN.

“The CTNN is working closely with Little Acorns Nursery to develop an exemplar for Early Years learning, which delivers an enriched curriculum that includes an interactive early years trail that will be installed in Frog Pond Wood itself.

“Access to the great outdoors will fuel imaginations and creativity, but also encourages a respect for the natural environment with all of its inhabitants – a significant value indeed.”

Visit the council website for further information on the Cwm Taf Nature Network.

Image credit: Frog Pond Wood Local Nature Reserve – Bridgend CBC – shared under fair use, all rights remain with photographer