Wildflower meadow enhancement work starts in Denbighshire

Work has begun today to enhance a number of Denbighshire wildflower meadows.

Denbighshire County Council’s Biodiversity team has started a programme of plug planting and enhancement work across ten meadows.

The meadows vary from site to site and usually contain a variety of native grasses and wildflowers. Wildflowers at our sites are mostly native perennial species which means they will come back every year and support the greatest amount of wildlife.

The work commenced today at Meliden Embankment, Prestatyn to introduce more wildflowers to the site.

Plug planting more flowers, grown at the Council’s tree nursery, at a number of sites will help create more colourful, diverse meadows and better biodiversity support for our local nature and communities.

Bringing back and maintaining these wildflower meadow areas is an important step in helping to reverse the decline and increase local species richness and the Council has committed to capitalising on using its grassland areas for this purpose, where appropriate.

Wildflowers in county meadows provide bees and other pollinators with food across the year which supports our own food chain.

Without this habitat support for insects, nature’s pollinators would be less, impacting on our own food chain as these pollinators support the growth of most of our fruit and vegetables.

Wildflower meadow soil can also sequester as much carbon as woodlands, reducing greenhouse gases to help tackle climate change.

Cllr Barry Mellor, Lead Member for Environment and Transport and Biodiversity Champion said:  “Enriching and enhancing the meadows with more plants, especially in urban areas, will help create better connected corridors to support nature to travel and pollinate other sites tackling the nature emergency and encouraging more nature back into towns for residents to enjoy.

“Enhancing the meadows also provides benefits for everybody, not just nature, with other community benefits including improved air quality, urban heat cooling, physical and mental wellbeing and areas of mixed interest for education and play.

“We are extremely grateful to the volunteers and our staff for helping introduce these plants to the sites selected that have been grown from seeds taken from existing flowers on our meadows,

Plug planting and other enhancement work is taking place at

  • Green Lane, Corwen
  • ATS roundabout, Denbigh
  • Parc Alafowlia Fields, Denbigh
  • Maes Lliwen, Nantglyn
  • Bastion Road Park, Prestatyn
  • Meliden Embankment, Prestatyn
  • Rhyl Coast Road
  • Vincent Close, Rhyl
  • Fern Way, Rhyl
  • Llys Brenig Park, Rhyl

If you are interested in volunteering to help out with plug planting at a community site, there are a number of opportunities for you to get involved listed in the timetable below. Please email biodiversity@denbighshire.gov.uk for further details about these days.

  • September 13 6pm-7.30pm Vincent Close, Rhyl
  • September 14 10am-12pm Corwen Cricket Club
  • September 16 10am-12pm Fern Way, Rhyl
  • September 18 6pm-7.30pm Maes Lliwen, Nantglyn
  • September 19 10am-1pm Plas Newydd, Llangollen
  • September 25 10am-1pm Rhyl Coast Road