Swansea Building Society Unveils ‘Liquid Trees’ Initiative at Schools & Climate Event to Champion Environmental Education

March 15, 2024, witnessed the unveiling of a pioneering ‘liquid trees’ initiative at the Swansea Schools & Climate Education event held at the Swansea.com Stadium. Generously funded by Swansea Building Society, this initiative aims to transform classroom dynamics and cultivate environmental awareness among the youth of Swansea.

The event brought together educators, administrators, and community leaders – including Welsh Government’s Minister for Climate Change, Julie James MS, and Councillor Rebecca Fogarty from Swansea Council – to celebrate the launch of innovative initiatives aimed at integrating cutting-edge climate education into the curriculum.

Central to the event was the unveiling of the groundbreaking ‘Our Classroom Climate’ initiative — a collaborative effort between Swansea Building Society, Swansea Council, and Connex Education Wales. This teacher-facilitated programme is designed to explain the science of climate change to students, whilst simultaneously incorporating cutting-edge science directly into the classroom, enhancing air quality and creating a healthier learning environment.

Under the initiative, algal bioreactors, affectionately dubbed ‘liquid trees,’ have been offered to every Primary School in Swansea – thanks to funding provided by Swansea Building Society.

These remarkable bioreactors are poised to revolutionise classroom experiences by not only capturing CO2 at an exceptional rate — up to 400 times faster than traditional trees — but also serving as interactive educational tools. Amazingly, these simple but ingenious ‘liquid trees’ clear carbon dioxide from the air at the same rate as a 10-year-old tree in just 10 days from set up. They will also offer learners the opportunity to observe and study carbon capture and bioscience in action in their own classrooms.

The Swansea Schools & Climate Education event also featured distinguished keynote speakers, Professor Geraint Jones and Dr. Rhys Jones, who shared invaluable insights on motivating young learners and effectively communicating the urgency of climate change. There was also a Q&A opportunity with the experts and leaders present, and attendees gained access to a myriad of innovative teaching resources and methodologies designed to make climate science accessible and engaging for students while enhancing classroom environments.

Nathan Griffiths, Finance Director at Swansea Building Society, said:

“We are thrilled to have played a pivotal role in the Swansea Schools & Climate Education event supporting the Our Classroom Climate ‘liquid trees’ initiative. By providing schools with these innovative bioreactors, we aim to empower students with the knowledge and tools needed to address climate change effectively.

“The initiative represents a significant commitment by Swansea Building Society to support sustainable initiatives and foster environmental literacy among Swansea’s youth. By investing in the future of education and environmental stewardship, Swansea Building Society endeavours to leave a lasting legacy of positive change for generations to come.”