Carbon Neutrality – The Road to Net Zero with Everrati & Dr Tia Kansara

With atmospheric CO2 levels predicted to reach an all-time peak this spring, progressive EV brand Everrati™ explores how we can slow down the rate of acceleration.

Despite an overall 8% drop in CO2 emissions during the COVID-19 pandemic, concentration levels have been speedily increasing year-on-year over the last few decades. Once carbon dioxide has been emitted into the atmosphere, it remains there for a long time (between 300 to 1000 years). According to the Met Office, in order to reverse this trend and slow the rise, we will need to reduce our global emissions, and “bringing them to a halt will need global emissions to be brought down to net zero.”

Determined to be part of the global revolution to reach carbon-neutral by 2050, Everrati™ concurs that reaching zero-emissions is the way forward, and the time for action is now. And, with the transport sector being the single largest polluter in the country – responsible for 28% of the UK’s carbon emissions – there is no better place to start than with electric vehicles.

“To me, one of the main outputs of the pandemic is that we have all ‘woken up’ to what the world could be like if we were to lower our emissions. The focus is now clearly on environmental awareness, pollution and particulate reduction, and clean air.” – Justin Lunny, Everrati™.

As one of the fastest-growing sectors, recent EV forecasts clearly reflect this uptake for zero-emissions, as the industry booms with passenger sales predicted to reach 26 million by 2030 – over ten times of those seen in 2019.

But it isn’t just the EV sector that can help bring about the revolution. Speaking exclusively to Everrati™, Dr. Tia Kansara, CEO of Replenish Earth, a platform that inspires innovation in business with a philosophy to ‘live in harmony with nature’, believes that the responsibility falls on us all.

“There is an invitation card sitting on every executive’s desk. If you want to have a business in 5 years, you’ll need natural resources for them. Heaven forbid these resources are subject to natural disasters, spills, or emergencies because history has shown it will take more time for you to recover than for you to pivot now.” – Dr. Tia Kansara, Replenish Earth.

Having consulted with multiple companies who have successfully bridged the gap and transformed their business to become leaders in their relevant sectors, Dr. Tia Kansara advocates seizing the moment and diversifying.

“The opportunity is to transform your supply chain, explore alternative products and services whilst maintaining a competitive advantage in your industry.”

It is this sentiment that encouraged Justin Lunny to launch Everrati™, it reconceives some of the worlds most iconic and beautiful vehicles of the past, into fun and engaging zero-emissions cars for the future.

“Committed to reducing emissions for cleaner air, it is our intention to embrace the history of iconic cars while pushing the boundaries of advanced technology to offer a fully-comprehensive and sustainable solution for today’s driver.” – Justin Lunny, Everrati™.

Indeed, with many classic cars emitting the equivalent to their own weight in CO2 every 1,500-2,000 miles driven, Everrati™ is motivated to reinvigorate the world’s most desirable vehicles to vastly reduce carbon emissions and offer a new lease of (clean air) life to these iconic automobiles.

“A dilemma facing many existing, and would be owners, is that most of these magnificent cars will likely be banned or at least heavily discouraged from cities within 5 years due to their emissions. We fully believe the time is right to disrupt the sector and deliver beautiful, usable icons to thought-leaders concerned with sustainability.” – Justin Lunny, Everrati™.

With the continued rise of the “responsible consumer” demanding a more environmentally-friendly and ethical approach from brands, and as social expectations around climate change continue to shift, now is the time for companies worldwide to explore, expand and divulge their green credentials.

“Making money is easy. It’s the impact and accountability that is the next invitation. Stop hiding behind each other and take the leap.” – Dr. Tia Kansara, Replenish Earth.

Iconic Past. Everrati™ Future.