Climeworks launches Earth Day campaign to help everyone remove even more CO2 – and multiply their impact, for free

On 2nd April 2021 Climeworks is launching its new Earth Day campaign to help everyone remove part of their carbon footprint and multiply their impact in the process.

  • Did you know that you can remove your carbon footprint? With direct air capture pioneer Climeworks you can remove carbon dioxide from the air in your name by selecting the right scheme that fits your need and, as a result, reduce or eliminate your carbon footprint.
  • To restore Earth – this year’s Earth Day theme – we need to restore a healthy balance of CO2 in the atmosphere by removing carbon dioxide from the air. Climeworks celebrates this by supporting as many people as possible in their climate action.
  • Since 2019, Climeworks has been empowering individuals to take part in its mission and for Earth Day 2021 the Swiss company is launching (on April 2nd) a special campaign that enables everyone not only to remove their emissions but also multiply their impact. Every person signing up to Climeworks’ carbon dioxide removal service can invite their friends who will receive a free three-month explorer subscription each. Sign up here:

About Climeworks’ carbon dioxide removal

Climeworks uses direct air capture technology to remove carbon dioxide from the air. The air-captured CO2 is then stored underground by Climeworks’ partner Carbfix, where it turns to stone through a natural process of mineralization – making the removal completely permanent.

We know that to protect our planet from the effects of climate change we need to restore a healthy balance of CO₂ in the atmosphere. To achieve this, reducing our carbon dioxide emissions is essential, but not enough. In addition, we need to remove our historic and unavoidable CO2 emissions from the atmosphere. Climeworks’ direct air capture contributes to this by capturing CO₂ directly from the air and removing it permanently. The process is completely safe and fully measurable.

By offering its carbon dioxide removal service to everyone, Climeworks enables individuals to take real climate action. With the world’s first subscription model combining the direct air capture solution with underground CO2 storage, anyone can sign up to have their emissions permanently removed from the air.

How does Climeworks’ Earth Day 2021 campaign work?

In celebration of Earth Day, Climeworks wants to support as many people as possible in their climate action. Therefore, the company is launching a special Earth Day campaign to remove CO2 from the air – not only for you, but also for your friends. For each climate Pioneer who signs up for a CO2 removal subscription by Earth Day 2021 (22nd April 2021), Climeworks will give away free three-month explorer subscriptions that they can gift to their friends. Thus, Climeworks aims to multiply the impact that will last even beyond Earth Day.

You can join the campaign by going to, choose your subscription and become a Climeworks Pioneer. You will automatically be sent a link that you can email to your friends to help multiply your impact. This link will allow them to sign up for a three-month explorer subscription, absolutely free. You can invite as many friends as you like. And for every friend who signs up, Climeworks will remove 21kg of CO2 from the air on their behalf.

Ambitious goals are in Climeworks’ genes. The Swiss company does not just want to stop climate change, but to reverse it, and this can only be achieved with support from pioneering individuals who share the vision of creating a climate-positive world.

For more information about Climeworks’ Earth Day campaign visit: