Pioneering demonstration project in Cornelly to help create low carbon communities

Bridgend County Borough Council is developing an innovative demonstration project focused on the creation of low carbon communities and local energy markets.

The Low Carbon Communities Initiative aims to see how locally generated renewable electricity produced as a result of solar power can potentially be shared with other homes nearby.

The local authority is working closely alongside a number of energy companies on the scheme – Challoch Energy, Nuvision Energy (Wales) Ltd and Passiv UK. 

It involves fitting solar panels or a solar-based ventilation system to a small number of houses in South Cornelly. In addition, batteries will be installed in some houses and others connected to the local power grid to help balance the supply and demand of power within the community.

The Cabinet Member for Communities, Cllr Stuart Baldwin said: “A small number of households wishing to participate in this innovative pilot project will be provided with free solar panels or solar-based ventilation, and other hardware and software to explore the potential to share the benefits and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions including carbon.

“We will then use the findings from these installations along with digital simulations of the village to help understand how a local energy market can help the community to transition to a low carbon future.

“South Cornelly has been chosen as the site for the first Low Carbon Communities demonstration due to its size and location – it is without any ribbon development and all housing is fed from one substation in the middle of the village. Many of the homes there also have the right orientation for solar energy.

“This is one of many projects that the council is working on as part of the ‘Bridgend 2030’ decarbonisation strategy to make Bridgend a decarbonised, digitally connected, smart county borough. If successful, it could be rolled out across the county borough and beyond.”

The scheme is being funded by Welsh Government through its Whole Business Research Innovation for Decarbonisation based on Small Business Research Initiative principles.Homeowners within South Cornelly are being invited to take part in the pilot scheme with opportunities for residents to find out more at information sessions being held at the Village Green, off Greenacres, on Friday 24 September (between 2pm and 6pm) and Saturday 25 September, between 10am and 2pm. Alternatively, residents can find out more or sign up by emailing to or

For more details visit the council website.