Lil-Lets launch reusable tampon applicator: a simple, small step towards big change.

Period product brand Lil-Lets debuts its reusable tampon applicator, which is available to buy online and via Amazon.

In addition, Lil-Lets also announces that their range of plastic applicator tampons will cease to be manufactured after November 2021. This will reduce period plastic waste by over 11 tonnes each year.

Environmental Activist Ella Daish shares this statement: “It’s fantastic to see a major brand like Lil-Lets really leading the change in the period industry by not only removing plastic applicators from their products, but also stepping into the reusable market with their applicator! We need more companies to follow their lead in taking steps that are better for people and the planet.”

Lil-Lets Senior Brand Manager and spokesperson Abby Smith adds: ”Lil-Lets understands women and people with periods, and that using tampons with applicators is a personal choice. We listened when our customers had concerns about the environmental impact of our plastic applicator products, and, following 12 months of product design and testing, we are thrilled to be in a position to make a difference today. This is not a single use applicator, it was designed to be used and reused.  It is easy to make the swap and by choosing our reusable applicator you will be saving an average of 286 single-use applicators from being thrown away and possibly ending up in landfill or oceans. So with one small switch you can be kinder to the environment.”

Because of its innovative design, the Lil-Lets reusable tampon applicator is familiar, easy to use, and cleaning between uses is as simple as washing your hands. Lil-Lets consumer panel usage tests showed that 89% of those surveyed found the Lil-Lets reusable applicator simple and easy to use and 91% would recommend the Lil-Lets reusable applicator to others2.

The Lil-Lets reusable  tampon applicator will be available to purchase from at an introductory price of £12.99 (RSP £17.99)

The Lil-Lets reusable tampon applicator is compatible with Lite, Regular, Super and Super Plus Lil-Lets tampons. In order to remove any barriers to trial, Lil-Lets will offer a full money back guarantee on the reusable applicator (T&C apply3).

Additionally, Lil-Lets is proud to partner with Beauty Banks, who seek to address hygiene poverty.

Image credit: Ella Daish X Lil Lets by Lauren Shipley