College aiming to train next generation of ‘green leaders’ in Wales

A SHARPENED global focus on ethical and sustainable business and industry inspired a suite of health and safety courses at a leading college.

Coleg Cambria’s Northop Business School has launched NEBOSH (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) qualifications to meet demand for a new generation of ‘green’ leaders.

Among them is the NEBOSH National Diploma in Environmental Management – one of the first programmes of its kind in the country – designed for aspiring professionals and building directly upon knowledge provided by the NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management.

More and more organisations are opting to create a specific environmental role within their teams, rather than the previous trend of designating relevant tasks to an existing member of staff.

With topical content including the principles and drivers for environmental sustainability, waste minimisation strategies, preventing and controlling pollution, and how to positively influence standards and working practices, Health and Safety Lecturer Peter Laurence says the Diploma is a must for those wanting to progress in this arena.

“In the wake of COP 26 and with climate change and environmental standards at the forefront of people’s thinking more and more, this is the right time to join this flexible course,” he said.

“Whether it be recycling, lowering their carbon footprint, or giving back to the community, most organisations in the private and public sector are adapting their cultures and embracing change.

“This is a pivotal qualification aimed at those who have already completed their Environmental Certificate and are looking to progress, but ultimately anyone responsible for sustainability within a business can join us; it will have a positive impact on their corporate image, and, more importantly, the world around us.”

Celebrating four years since its opening, the £3.5m Northop Business School continues to drive innovation in multiple industries.

It was the first FE provider in Wales to receive a Health and Safety Gold from NEBOSH for the quality and variety of its subjects, notably fire safety, construction and general health and safety.

Business School Manager Lesley Rasmussen said they will continue to develop a curriculum that delivers on an academic level while meeting social and ethical responsibilities.

“There is also the compliance aspect to this, as legislation is evolving, so organisations must anticipate that and be ready to help make a change,” said Lesley.

“Whether that be coming up with campaigns and initiatives for colleagues and customers, or raising standards and learning best practice, there are many aspects to this.

“And it can be completed online or in person; for those who prefer not to travel – which again lowers the carbon footprint – you can do so online.”

The paid Diploma runs over seven months from January and is divided into two units – Controlling Environmental Aspects, and Environmental Regulation.

For more information and to book your place, visit the website or call 0300 30 30 006. Alternatively, email