Daloop Launches Daloop.Earth to Coincide with World Earth Day 2022, Helping Businesses Calculate their Carbon Impact

  • Formerly known as GoWithFlow, Daloop has rebranded as part of its global expansion efforts, bringing expertise honed in Portugal to the wider world.
  • Daloop launches website, Daloop.Earth, in support of World Earth Day.
  • Daloop.Earth’s carbon calculator shows business owners the impact that electrifying their fleets could have on the planet.


Daloop (formerly known as GoWithFlow) today launched Daloop.Earth, a live carbon calculator that provides business owners with an accurate, visual representation of their potential to reduce global carbon emissions. Launching on World Earth Day 2022, the new platform leverages data and insights to illustrate the projected positive impact of each business’ fleet electrification journey. The site reflects the importance of understanding not just our individual impact, but also our potential to reduce carbon emissions significantly.  Decarbonisation of combustion engines is a key goal for Daloop as it expands its footprint across the globe.

World Earth Day focusses on how business, governments and citizens can invest in our planet and help solve the climate crisis, to build a prosperous and sustainable future, by protecting, managing, and restoring nature.

Formerly known as GoWithFlow, Daloop is dedicated to enabling mobility change for good. With unrivalled experience and expertise from working with key organisations in Portugal electrification journey, Daloop has harnessed that knowledge to develop and provide software and services that enable business around the world to decarbonise their fleets, whilst becoming the ‘back-office’ of Charge-Point Operators and E-Mobility Service Providers alike. Today, with significant expansion into the UK, Spain, and the U.S.  Daloop’s ‘Mobility Change Platform’, or ‘MCP’ solves all of the issues that those wishing to be a part of the EV charging ecosystem face.  Financially backed by Galp Energia, the team has already built and operated an integrated national EV charging infrastructure that now administers over 1 million charges a month and has a goal of connecting 1,000,000 assets (vehicles or chargepoints) to the Daloop Platform by the end of the decade.

Daloop.Earth’s carbon calculator combines easy to understand analytics and one simple number from the user to reflect the potential carbon reduction of transitioning to an electric fleet. The projected carbon saving, measured in tons of CO2, is helpfully illustrated with a range of easily identifiable objects, from Volkswagen Beetle to saltwater crocodiles. Users need only supply one piece of information by answering the question “How many vehicles are in your fleet?”. Alongside this tool, the website features a digitally rendered Earth clouded in CO2, with a scroll feature that shows the growing impact around the world of 0 to 1 million assets attached to the Daloop electric charging network.

Daloop CEO, Jane Hoffer, says of the launch and rebrand: “Daloop.Earth is a highly visual way for businesses and individuals to more easily understand the impact that they are having on the planet through their mobility choices and we hope it inspires and encourages others to get involved.  As for the name change, Daloop represents what we do in a much more concise and impactful way. Our tagline “Mobility change for good” not only highlights the positive aspects of decarbonisation that we are immensely excited about, but also reinforces its permanence.”

Launching in early May is Daloop’s new ebook ‘Change Anxiety’, which compiles the firm’s extensive experience in implementing and streamlining electric vehicle infrastructure for businesses, public organisations and municipalities alike to create guidance for fleet managers and those working in sustainable mobility. The ebook will feature insights gleaned from the many assets already attached to Daloop’s Mobility Change Platform to illustrate the current electric vehicle infrastructure, its successes, as well as some of the challenges the industry faces.


About Daloop (formerly GoWithFlow)

Daloop and its Mobility Change Platform (MCP) help enterprises manage the transition of their fleet to low- or no-emission vehicles while reducing overall fleet and energy costs. Daloop’s MCP provides an integrated view of vehicle and energy data, enabling fleet and facilities managers to plan and operate a network of combustion and electric vehicles along with managing fuel and electricity consumption. Named Portugal’s top cleantech startup in 2020. Daloop’s majority shareholder is Galp, one of Europe’s energy companies leading the transition into renewable energy and sustainable fuels. For more information, visit Daloop Earth.