Public meeting and fundraising concert set to boost fight to save ancient Amblecote meadow

Campaigners fighting to save Corbett Meadows from redevelopment into a site for new homes have called a public meeting.

Instead of 90 new homes on the 14-acre site, the Corbett Meadows Action Group says a better use for the land is an eco-friendly health and wellbeing centre.

Plans to consult the wider Stourbridge community are now under way from the Corbett Meadows Action Group, backed by the Stourbridge Community Development Trust who describe the initiative as ‘world-beating.’

The centre would lead on green prescribing – helping people to get outside to improve mental health at the site behind Corbett Outpatients Centre.

Charles Church, part of Persimmon, has drawn up extensive plans, including 90 homes,  for 14 acres of untouched land which campaigners have been fighting to preserve.

Campaign leaders say the centre would be a viable alternative use for the site with improved “financial savings for the NHS and social capital returns.”

The public meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Thursday, July 13 at Amblecote Holy Trinity Church in Vicarage Road.

A ‘Concert for Corbett Meadow’ is taking place at Katie Fitzgerald’s Secret Garden in Enville Street on Saturday, July 16. It features Kim Lowings and The Greenwood as well as Eddy Morton, singer-songwriter and owner of Katie Fitzgerald’s and Corbett Meadows campaigner, who will be joined by Andy Jones and Billy Spakemon, well-known Black Country poet, author and radio presenter. The aim is to raise awareness and funds to support the campaign.

Eddy said: “It’s important to make our voices heard. We are continuing with our consultation to fight for this land, when it’s gone, it’s gone.”


Tickets for the fundraising concert are available at or at