An EV-charger is a charging point for an electric vehicle. With the help of a plug and a cable, you can attach your car, which will then start charging its battery. While public EV-chargers are available, home EV-chargers are growing in popularity. That’s because there are a large number of benefits that come with these products.

What are the benefits of your own EV-charger?

The benefits of EV-chargers are very diverse. Let’s list the most important ones for a clear overview:

  • A full battery every morning: One of the biggest advantages of a home EV-charger is that you have a full battery at your disposal every morning. This way you never have to worry about charging your car. Where you would normally have to travel to a public location, with a personal EV-charger, this is no longer necessary. Every time you come home, you simply plug in your car. This means you practically always leave home with a car that has its full range available.
  • Inexpensive: In addition, a personal EV-charger is also cheaper than a public one. When you purchase this power from someone else, that party can set the prices. When you take care of this through your own EV-charger, you simply pay the rate of your energy supplier. In almost all cases, you’ll end up saving a lot of money. All it takes is the one-time purchase of the EV-charger. After that, you can enjoy the financial benefit for years to come.
  • No waiting times: Every electric car owner is familiar with waiting times at public locations. All you can do is wait until the people in front of you are done. A real waste of time, especially when you consider that there is an alternative. With your own EV-charger, only you have the ability to charge your car. So you do this anytime you feel the need. This results in a serious sense of freedom.
  • Ten times faster than wall outlet: In addition, did you know that an EV-charger is ten times faster than a wall outlet? That means the time savings are also quite a bit greater compared to more traditional charging methods. Moreover, charging from a wall outlet is by no means always safe. It can often result in blowing a fuse. An EV-charger is designed specifically to provide charging for your car.
  • Can be combined with solar panels: In the ideal scenario, you choose to combine your EV-charger with solar panels. That way, not only do you generate your own power, but you use it for transportation as well. This makes your investment in green energy even more beneficial. In fact, this makes it possible to drive for free. Who wouldn’t want that?


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