Global electric cable company enhances its green credentials with support from HSBC UK

Global cables and cable accessories supplier, Eland Cables, has invested in renewable power generation following a six-figure green energy funding package from HSBC UK allowing the business to acquire c.1,000 solar panels for its Doncaster site.

Eland Cables’ new solar panels produce as much electricity as the company consumes annually, with peaks and throughs smoothed with the use of green tariffs from the grid enabling the business to power equipment and charge its delivery fleet of electric vehicles exclusively from renewable energy sources.


Jean-Sébastien Pelland, Deputy Managing Director at Eland Cables, said: “Ongoing support from HSBC UK allows us to fast-track some of our green initiatives. Investing in these solar panels, alongside a greener transport fleet and cable recycling facilities, is a vital step on our journey to net zero, as well as a visible statement of our commitment to being a sustainable organisation.”


Charlie Hoborough, Relationship Director at HSBC UK, said: “This funding offers Eland Cables the ability to make important progress in its fight against climate change while simultaneously providing clean, renewable energy back into the National Grid. HSBC UK shares these ambitious climate change goals and will continue to support businesses that want to move to a more sustainable model.”

Established in 1975, Eland Cables supports projects across industries, including railways, factory automation, electrical vehicles, renewable power generation and data centres.

The business is committed to reducing its environmental impact. Earlier this year, Eland Cables signed letters of commitment to the United Nations Global Compact Sustainable Development Goals and the Science Based Target Iniatives, all of which forms part of its drive towards sustainability leadership.