Ecotourism projects in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, there is a new plan to transform the image of an oil country into a country with a vision of ecotourism. This plan is called vision 2030, an ambitious project seeking to reduce dependence on oil. To achieve this, it aims to increase tourism in the country.

The plan proposes sustainability initiatives throughout the country, from implementing a mega-project to a massive tree-planting campaign.

Planning to achieve Vision 2030

To achieve this goal, several projects attract hundreds of tourists to witness them first-hand. Below is a summary of several ecotourism initiatives currently underway.

1. The Red Sea project

This ultra-luxury resort project is located on an archipelago of 90 islands off the country’s west coast. This mega-project aims to attract international tourism to these pristine islands, thereby creating 70,000 jobs and protecting the ecosystem of the Red Sea coast.

The main objective is to generate and store 100% renewable energy. Furthermore, a zero waste plan to achieve a 0 carbon footprint and a total ban on single-use plastics.

2. Starry skies in Saudi Arabia

This project seeks Starry Sky Reserve accreditation to enable visitors to enjoy the same extraordinary vision that guided and inspired historic travelers in ancient times.

This has involved a marine spatial planning study to help protect biodiversity and more than 30 environmental studies. As a result, the nine islands in the reserve have been granted the title of specially protected areas for ecotourism.

3. Green Riyadh

This project aims to increase the area of green areas in the city from 1.7 m² to 28 m² to improve air quality, reduce temperatures and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, this project seeks to attract tourists looking for green areas within the metropolis and can see how to combine the modern with the natural.

This project seeks these giant trees to serve as an attraction to various strategic points to increase trade and spending. But for this, they must be functional, consume as little water as possible and adapt to the climatic conditions of the capital.

4. NEOM Project

The word NEOM means new future. This project seeks to attract more than one million residents and tourists from all over the world. This will include smart cities and towns, research zones, business zones, and entertainment venues.

It will implement a comprehensive model of urban sustainability and focus on setting new standards for community health, environmental protection, and the efficient use of technology. Toward this end, eco-efficient infrastructure is being independently designed, constructed, and managed.

NEOM will apply pioneering solar technology to produce environmentally friendly water, providing green spaces for thousands of tourists to enjoy. Additionally, this will eliminate more than three million tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

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