Denbighshire County Council is giving biodiversity volunteers a big green thumbs up.

Today is International Volunteers Day which gives organisations the chance to raise awareness of volunteer contributions to local communities.

The annual day is also viewed as an opportunity to celebrate the efforts of volunteers.

In July 2019, the Council passed a motion to declare a Climate Change and Ecological Emergency. A cross party-political working group was established to oversee the development of a Climate and Ecological Change Strategy.

The Council has also committed to becoming Net Carbon Zero and more Ecologically Positive Council by 2030.

Part of this work includes the Wildflower Meadows Project, the Tree Nursery at St Asaph and continuing woodland creation projects, all designed to support and enhance local biodiversity.

Volunteers have stepped out in force across the year to help plant trees at new sites across the county, plant wildflowers grown at the Council’s tree nursery, help look after the growth of wildflowers and trees at the tree nursery and support seed collecting days to help continue to grow more trees to plant across Denbighshire.

Councillor Barry Mellor, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said: “We are so grateful for all those who have volunteered their time and efforts to help our local biodiversity. Each and every person involved has put in a fantastic effort to support our biodiversity team to boost our local environment and help nature’s recovery.

“It has been a pleasure also to see the volunteers care about climate change and give their time to try and make a positive difference for the area they live in and for future generations as well. My thanks on this appropriate day go to all who have stepped forward to improve biodiversity across Denbighshire. “

If you would like to volunteer to help with the biodiversity projects, please get in touch at

For further information on Denbighshire County Council’s Wildflower Meadows Project visit –