Tree nursery’s acorn class of thousands to boost county biodiversity

A wise old tree is set to get a major modern boost across Denbighshire.

As world government’s discuss improving global biodiversity at the UN Biodiversity Conference (COP15) at Montreal Canada, work is moving forward to help Denbighshire’s environment at a local level.

Over 10,000 acorns have been collected and planted at Denbighshire County Council’s local provenance tree nursery based at St Asaph.

In the first growing season the Council’s tree nursery initiative aimed to produce 5,000 native wildflower plants a year alongside 5,000 native trees.

The project funded by Welsh Government, through the Local Nature Partnerships Cymru ENRaW project and Local Places for Nature grant, delivered nearly 8,000 wildflower plants.

And now thousands of acorns collected on seed gathering days by the Council’s biodiversity team and volunteers are currently germinating to provide more future Oaks across the county.

This project is part of an ongoing commitment to enhancing biodiversity across the county following the Council’s declaration of a Climate and Ecological Emergency in 2019.

Oaks have an impact on biodiversity by supporting more life forms than any other native trees. They can host hundreds of insects giving birds a rich source of food. During autumn, squirrels, badgers and deer also feed on acorns.

Introducing more oaks back into the county’s environment alongside other trees will also help combat climate change. Trees can capture and absorb carbon emissions reducing local carbon footprints where woodlands are reintroduced.

Cllr Barry Mellor, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said: “This is a massive achievement by our biodiversity team and the volunteers who have supported the seed collecting days we have had and helped us plant the acorns at the nursery.

“We are really working hard to make that all important difference for our local biodiversity for people today and our future generations. Having the capability to introduce more oaks back into our county will really grow the future of biodiversity across Denbighshire.”