Leading Intelligence Provider Says Lack Of Preparation For Climate Change Is Threat To UK And Global Security

KCS Group Europe Warns Critical Supply Chains At Risk From Extreme Climate Events

KCS Group Europe (KCSGE) says a failure to prepare for the full impact of climate change in the UK is a risk to national security, and the government is underestimating the global security threat caused by it.

The House of Commons Committee on Climate Change (CCC) says it has warned the government repeatedly about poor preparation for extreme climate events and the risks that emanate from that.

The government’s National Adaptation Programme is due to be published later this year and the CCC warns it is “make or break”.


KCSGE CEO Stuart Poole-Robb says: “2022 should act as a warning. With temperatures in England of over 40 degrees Celsius, mortality rose, transport networks were disrupted, drought ruined crops and wildfires endangered lives and properties.

“Government advisers estimate that one fifth of critical supply chains for goods, services and food are vulnerable to climate incidents. If you look at the global picture, the effect is amplified with serious consequences for us all.

“3.6 billion people live in climate change hotspots. Drought, failed crops, food security, destruction to homes and livelihoods and fuel shortages drive migration and instability across the world.”


KCS Group Europe has previously highlighted the threat of grain and fertiliser shortages resulting from the war in Ukraine.

Crossbench peer and former national security adviser, Peter Ricketts, argues that restoring the UK government’s cuts to its overseas aid budget would help to limit the shocks to our own food supply. The UK imports 50% of its food from abroad.


Poole-Robb says: “The UK government has, so far, failed to put in place a robust strategy which reflects the seriousness of the risks we all face. Ministers need to address this as a matter of urgency.”