Searches for Energy-Efficient Home Renovations Soar

Despite the UK experiencing a heatwave, online search trends data reveals that homeowners across the UK are researching energy-efficient renovations in preparation for Winter 2023.

In a year that has been dogged by inflation and increases in the cost of living, millions of households across the UK are feeling the pinch. Household energy bills increased by 54% in April 2023 and 27% in October 2022.

The volatility in the energy market has left homeowners looking for ways to cut their bills, and while that can include reducing costs elsewhere such as investing in high-grade EPC-certified appliances, many are looking to invest in making their homes more energy efficient.

A team of data experts at Compare Companies, which provides competitive quotes from a range of home improvement contractors and energy-efficient product suppliers, examined Google trends data between September 2022 and May 2023 and has identified increases in search volumes online for keywords associated with energy-efficient home renovations.

It found that searches for insulating pipes saw the biggest influx (320%) over this period making it the most popular search term associated with energy-efficiency.

LED lightbulbs, one of the most cost-effective options, also saw a 290% increase which is the second most popular energy efficient solution that people are searching for when they want to save money on energy.

Searches for energy-efficient doors (265%) rank in third place, wall insulation (229%) is fourth and floor insulation (231%) is fifth.

Insulating paint saw a 178% increase (sixth place) and there was a 177% increase for home automation (seventh place) while searches for triple glazing also increased by 166% (eighth).

Rounding out the top 10 most popular search terms associated with energy efficiency and home renovations are ground sourced heat pumps (163%) and underfloor heating (150%).

Commenting on the results, Andy Royle, Managing Director at Compare Companies says that the quote comparison site has also seen a significant increase in quotes for energy-efficient renovations from September 2022 to May 2023.

“There is no doubt that the astronomical energy bill increases that UK households have experienced within the last year has compelled homeowners to consider energy-saving options in their homes.”

“As a result, we have seen enquiries for energy-efficient renovations continue to rise throughout the year. For example, comparing our Q1 2022 and Q1 2023 enquiries, we saw a 144% increase in solar panel installations alone. It’s clear that homeowners looking at a variety of options to help them keep their bills down and make their homes more eco-efficient.”

“This search volume data suggests that making homes more energy efficient is a key concern for homeowners who are trying to prepare for winter 2023.”

 Making homes more energy efficient can pay off. Research by the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU), suggests that on average, households were spending nearly £1,000 more on their energy bills by the end of 2022. It’s not just about saving on your outgoings; analysis by Money Super Market suggests that increasing the EPC rating on your home can add up to 14% to the value of your home.


The Results

Rank Renovation/Search Term Trend Difference Search Increase
1 Insulating Pipes 5-21 320%
2 LED Lightbulbs 21-82 290%
3 Energy Efficient Doors 23-84 265%
4 Wall Insulation 24-79 229%
5 Floor Insulation 29-91 213%
6 Insulating Paint 23-64 178%
7 Home Automation 18-50 177%
8 Triple Glazing 64-100 166%
9 Heat Pumps (Ground Sourced) 38-100 163%
10 Underfloor Heating 16-40 150%
11 Solar Panel System 29-71 144%
12 Double Glazing 38-89 134%
13 Automatic Humidistat 30-64 133%
14 Solar Thermal System 28-65 132%
15 Biomass Boiler 16-37 131%
16 Draught Proofing / Air Sealing 33-75 127%
17 Economical Boiler 24-64 102%
18 Smart Thermostat 12-20 66%
19 Loft Insulation 15-21 40%
20 Tankless Water Heater 47-52 10%