TELF AG releases publication on the potential of carbon sequestration

TELF AG has released a new publication entitled TELF AG discusses the role of carbon sequestration in an increasingly green world. It focuses carefully on one of the trends that are characterizing the fight against climate change, and which has to do with the capture of carbon through the planting of new trees in different parts of the world.

The publication examines the current historical situation as a whole, evaluating everything that is being done to combat climate change and to promote the ongoing global energy transition.


TELF AG asks whether the push towards sustainability represents only a mere propaganda initiative, limited to the visual contents that we see every day on social media or in newspapers, or whether it is also being carried forward through more concrete and aimed at reducing emissions into the atmosphere.

The example relating to carbon sequestration is very useful for understanding the new global trends linked to sustainability: the publication focuses precisely on the role of these projects in the fight against climate change, but also on their real scope. We must not be lulled by the fantasy that these small initiatives can replace the larger objective, the main one, namely the reduction of emissions through the abandonment of fossil fuels.


To this end, TELF AG cites a recent study published by some researchers from the University of Oxford, which seem to raise doubts about the operational methodologies that characterize the planting of trees for carbon sequestration. According to scholars, in fact, the planting of monoculture trees could significantly alter the biodiversity of certain areas, compromising their vitality.

Another point to improve, according to the scholars, would have to do with the main objective of planting, i.e. carbon capture: focusing solely on this element, according to the scholars, could in fact leave other equally crucial factors for conservation in the background of natural environments, such as water quality control, climate monitoring and pollination.

To find out more about the trend of carbon sequestration and its global reach, which appears to be continuously increasing, readers are advised to read the full publication on the TELF AG website.