Local Flood Risks & How Your MP Voted On Tackling Climate Change

The team at Online Mortgage Advisor have conducted in-depth analysis on the areas of the country most at risk of flooding in the future.

As well as giving users in England an idea of how ‘at risk’ their county, local authority or MP constituency is of flooding as a percentage, the English Flood Predictor tool also demonstrates if their local MP decided to vote for or against new climate change legislation to come into place.

According to the analysis* undertaken, the 10 UK counties with the most risk of flooding in percentage are:

  1. East Riding of Yorkshire – 48.2% (% of the county at risk of flooding)
  2. Lincolnshire – 33.21%
  3. Inner London – 22.8%
  4. Somerset – 18.3%
  5. Surrey – 11.27%
  6. Berkshire – 10.85%
  7. Cambridgeshire – 10.83%
  8. Leicestershire – 10.45%
  9. Norfolk – 10.34%
  10. Nottinghamshire – 10.1%

Furthermore, the English constituencies with the highest proportion of properties with a ‘high risk’ of flooding, alongside their relevant MP’s voting record, emerged as follows:

Constituencies MP’s & Voting Records
  Constituency % at ‘High Risk’ MP Name Party Voted?
1 Boston & Skegness 10.81% Matt Warman Conservative Against
2 Runnymeade & Weybridge 8.05% Phillip Hammond Independent – previously Conservative For & Against**
3 East Devon 6.09% Hugo Swire Conservative Against
4 Calder Valley 4.56% Craig Whittaker Conservative Against
5 Louth & Horncastle 4.21% Victoria Atkins Conservative Against
6 Windsor 4% Adam Afriyie Conservative Against
7 Leeds Central 3.91% Hillary Benn Labour For
8 Loughborough 3.33% Nicky Morgan Conservative Against
9 Westmorland & Lonsdale 3.26% Tim Farron Liberal Democrat For
10 Rochester & Strood 3.25% Kelly Tolhurst Conservative Against

Pete Mugleston, Mortgage Expert at Online Mortgage Advisor, commented:

“With reports on flood-ravaged towns and villages up and down England dominating the recent news agenda following periods of heavy rain – and many worried about how their homes and areas might fare should the weather take a turn for the worse again – we wanted to showcase to English inhabitants precisely how at risk their homes are of flooding in the future.

“With a general election just around the corner, we also built the English Flood Predictor in a bid to help those living in areas at a risk of flooding to understand how much emphasis their local MP’s put on the environment and tackling the effects of global warming.”

For further insight on the tool, please visit https://www.onlinemortgageadvisor.co.uk/blog/england-flood-predictor/

*data analysed for the tool has been taken from https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/environment-agency and https://www.theyworkforyou.com/