Quality Franchise Association takes the lead to tackle climate change emissions from meetings

Following the horrific scenes in Australia over recent weeks, the climate crisis is hitting hard and more pressure is falling on the business community to do what they can to reduce their emissions.

In the UK transportation accounts for 33% of carbon dioxide emissions, much of that includes travelling to and from work – part of this also comes from business owners driving to and from networking meetings.

Among those rethinking their business strategy in the face of a clear climate crisis is the Quality Franchise Association, who have today announced a clear commitment to reducing transport emissions.

The tech-led association has launched a new initiative, replacing face to face regional meetings with monthly webinars, which will have a significant impact on their emissions.

Joel Bissitt, CEO explains:

“With today’s technology it makes no sense to spend an entire day for a networking session & meeting. We are very concerned about climate change & this new initiative allows us to both eliminate carbon emissions whilst providing more support to our members.

“By running monthly webinars not only will we be able to interact with our membership far more but it will eliminate carbon dioxide emissions – plus it is far more cost & time efficient for our membership.

I am delighted that the QFA is taking the lead with this & I would like to ask other franchise associations to follow our lead for their regional meetings & help us prevent climate change.”

To find out more about joining the Quality Franchise Association visit https://www.franchise-association.org.uk/join/