Taking the guesswork out of solar with UK energy experts

The UK’s leading solar and energy storage experts, iJo Power, are helping households and businesses make the switch to solar easier. With energy prices fuelling the cost-of-living crisis, they’re developing smart solutions for those looking to lower their electricity bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

The Cornwall-based company uses industry research, testing, and analysis to help people get the most out of their solar setups. While the business is relatively new, Director Andrew Shaw has over 20 years in the industry and is regarded as one of the leading experts in solar and battery storage. He is on a mission to advance the energy industry.

iJo Power designs solar and battery storage solutions, allowing power generated during daylight hours to be stored and used later. Customers use more of their own solar generated energy whilst drawing less from the grid, leading to savings of 75-80% on electricity bills. These savings can be increased further by making full use of battery capacity to charge during off-peak hours.

Despite the boom in the solar industry, many are still cautious due to a lack of understanding of the technology and the process. The energy experts at iJo Power recognise the difficulty this presents, and the hesitation experienced by many in making a significant financial investment. Removing the unknown by taking the time to explain the process as well as the pros and cons of different systems is a key focus for the iJo Power team, ensuring happy customers from initial quotation to final commissioning of a high performance system.

The revamped website reflects the innovation and customer-centric approach that sets iJo Power apart from their competitors. In addition to invaluable content, including FAQs designed to educate those interested in solar and battery storage, the fast and efficient cost calculator gives domestic customers a better sense of the size of the initial investment as well as the expected long-term savings. The user-friendly calculator provides cost estimates based on current energy usage and roof size before generating a return on investment.

iJo Power has streamlined the installation process, using its strong network of trusted and skilled installers to achieve the very best configuration for each client. Recognising that each customer’s energy usage is different, a flexible and technically sound approach is needed to ensure the very best performance. The fluidity of the operational infrastructure is backed by top manufacturers in the solar industry and agile supply chains.
Quality over quantity is fundamental at iJo Power – and by flexing their technical prowess and in-depth product knowledge, they’re helping people across the UK to achieve energy independence.