HVS’ Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Testing Programme Accelerates with Dyno Metric Analysis

Glasgow – 7th November 2023: Award-winning innovator, HVS (Hydrogen Vehicle Systems), has reached another significant milestone in its hydrogen fuel cell vehicle testing programme.

Test vehicle X1.5 is the first of several engineering prototypes. Powered by the same cutting-edge hydrogen fuel-cell technology that will be featured in the HVS production vehicles, the X1.5 serves as a crucial platform for functionality and systems development and is an important precursor to subsequent track testing prototypes.

Vehicle X1.5 has now begun dyno rig testing. This part of the test programme is key to the development process as it allows the engineers to precisely tune the power delivery to provide a smooth and natural driving experience. The vehicle will be driven under very specific conditions to collect reliable data particularly via the rear e-axle and fuel cell systems.

During this part of the test programme, the engineering team will also engage in thermal mapping of the system’s output and will be closely monitoring the cooling of the fuel cells and battery pack to optimise the efficiency of the complete thermal system.

John McKenna, Chief Technical Officer at HVS, said: “My team and I are pleased to have assembled our first engineering prototype, the X1.5, and are now progressing well through our next crucial phase of testing the hydrogen fuel-cell technology on the dyno rig. This stage is instrumental in maximising the performance of the fuel cell, an essential step before embarking on track testing”.

The test vehicle serves as a critical tool for the development of the propulsion control strategy and the vehicle software for future builds. Each subsequent prototype vehicle will use the learning and data points from X1.5’s tests, ensuring a fully optimised drive system and the highest performance levels.

In reaching this testing milestone, HVS have once again demonstrated their ability to develop their ground-breaking products at pace. This is another firm indication of the significant progress they are making in bringing their revolutionary zero emission vehicles to market. Following the X1.5 dyno rig testing, HVS’s track test vehicle X2 will complete its commissioning, ahead of being put through its paces on the track at the start of 2024.

HVS (Hydrogen Vehicle Systems) is a UK company founded 2017. From innovative powertrain design to ground up production, HVS aims to disrupt the commercial vehicle industry by being an early mover with the most advanced, all–new zero emission HGV. Leading the way in hydrogen electric vehicle design, HVS is pioneering cutting-edge solutions that will decarbonise one of the heaviest polluting sectors worldwide. Combining unique design, efficiency, and performance; HVS will provide the ultimate driver experience at lower costs and lowest emissions.