Tunley Environmental shares expert insights on biodiversity with global AER community

Leeds-based net-zero consultancy firm Tunley Environmental has announced its  membership of Applied Ecology Resources (AER), the British Ecological Society’s open access platform, further boosting its mission to foster knowledge exchange on biodiversity and environmental management.

With the conclusion of the COP28 summit, cooperation across borders is crucial to adhering to climate targets set out in the Paris Agreement, limiting an increase in global temperature to 1.5 degrees celsius by the end of the century. Pooling knowledge around climate change is also key to effective decision-making. 

Founded in 2017, Tunley Environmental has established a strong reputation for helping organisations make more informed choices when it comes to preserving ecosystems by enabling them to take the necessary steps to reach net-zero. The company recently launched its Biodiversity Service in response to the UK government’s commitment to enforce a 10% Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) requirement for developers in England which takes effect in 2024. The comprehensive service includes resources such as biodiversity footprinting, biodiversity net gains, and biodiversity risk assessments. 

By joining AER, Tunley Enviromental’s expertise on net-zero is made freely accessible on AER’s secure and fully searchable online platform. Utilised by a number of leading ecological organisations including The Woodland Trust, NatureScot and The Field Studies Council, the AER platform provides resources on evidence-based decision-making to a global audience, including sources such as peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed reports, research summaries, data reports,  and other grey literature, all of which are permanently archived.

Commenting on the decision to join AER, the company said: “Tunley Environmental has proudly joined Applied Ecology Resources (AER), recognising it as a globally accessible open platform crucial for fostering knowledge exchange on biodiversity and environmental management. This collaboration aligns seamlessly with Tunley’s commitment to evidence-based decision-making. By being part of AER, Tunley aims to contribute to the collective pool of insights, enriching the discourse on sustainable practices. This partnership amplifies Tunley’s dedication to biodiversity services, ensuring a holistic approach to environmental stewardship that benefits both local ecosystems and the global community.”

AER Editor-in-Chief, Marc Cadotte, said: “We’re very pleased that Tunley Environmental are sharing their important work on our AER platform. We are aligned in our commitment to enabling evidence-based decision-making and their team’s expertise across ecology, biodiversity, and conservation science, will be important to supporting researchers in similar fields in the years to come. Their research will be held on AER’s platform permanently, also parenting the loss of research findings which continues to pose a serious, but preventable issue in ecology.”

Tunley Environmental will be in attendance at the British Ecological Society’s annual meeting held in Belfast between 12th and 15th December, with Biodiversity Specialist and Sustainability Scientist, Tara Garraty, MSc, (PhD Pending), delivering a presentation on the knock-on effects of climate change on 14th December at 11:45am.

For more information on AER, visit www.britishecologicalsociety.org/applied-ecology-resources/

For further information on Tunley Environmental’s biodiversity service, visit www.tunley-environmental.com/biodiversity-services