Family-run firm Diamond Green Energy goes green in sparkling new eco-conscious rebrand

Fareham-based company, Diamond Green Energy has recently undergone a complete brand overhaul as it shifts its focus towards renewable energy in a bid to be part of a larger green movement.

Previously Diamond Gas and Heating, the firm started out as a small plumbing and heating company, run by husband and wife Ian and Louise Simm and offering traditional gas and plumbing services. 

Over the last 13 years, the company has evolved into a 20-strong team, offering a range of services across the gas and renewable energy space, from air conditioning units to solar panels. 

Despite its growth, the business’ core ethos has remained the same – to heat and cool homes at as little cost as possible to the customer – something which Louise and Ian feel is particularly important during the cost-of-living crisis. 

Louise said: ‘It’s important for companies like ours to do our bit to help make Hampshire that bit greener. Not only is it beneficial for the environment, but it can be cost-efficient too, but a lot of people are put off because of what they’ve heard when it comes to costs. We work closely with each customer to recommend a product or service, whether that’s an air conditioning unit, solar panels or gas central heating, to ensure that whatever we do for them is the most efficient, both for their energy consumption and for their bank accounts.’ 

Diamond Green Energy still offers traditional heating and cooling services such as boiler fitting and repairs, but also offers a range of energy-efficient services, such as electric vehicle chargers, solar panels and battery storage. 

Both Ian and Louise are ex-Armed Forces and hire several veterans, having also supported All Call Signs – a charity that supports veterans, service personnel and their family members experiencing ill mental health.

They employ their son and daughter as well as Claire Louise’s sister, ensuring their strong family values remain within the company as it grows. 

Ian said: ‘The company is continuously growing and our brand needed to reflect the direction in which we’re going. Our aim is to educate as many people about the potential support they can receive to make their homes more energy efficient and suggest the best products for them, rather than the most profitable for us. We’re all about the needs of the customer – that’s more important to us than what will make us the most money.’

You can find out about Diamond Green Energy’s services at